Radiant Kidz


Radiant Kidz is a great children’s experience for children ages 4 through the completion of fifth grade. It is designed to help your children connect with God, His Word, and each other. We want your children to learn about God in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate way. Our desire is to help them develop a close relationship with Jesus. We value fun, safe environments (every volunteer is properly screened and trained). There is a secure and simple registration process that you will be walked through at the registration table. It is a privilege to serve your kids each week.


We are committed to making Radiant Kidz a safe and secure place for your children. To accomplish this, we:

  • Perform background checks on all Radiant Kidz workers.

  • Maintain up to date contact and emergency information

  • Have text messaging system available that allows us to contact parents in case of an emergency.

  • Ensure that Radiant Kidz workers know your child’s allergies and have it displayed clearly on their security sticker.

  • Have a Radiant Kidz desk attendant at all times to monitor access into the Radiant Kidz area.

  • Provide a security sticker for each child upon check in/out


Radiant Kidz is provided at our 10am Worship Experience for children 4 years old to the completion of fifth grade. The ages are divided into three areas: Pre-K (4-7 yrs) and Adolescent (8-10yrs).

Breastfeeding Moms: Please feel free to feed your baby without shame. You may nurse in your seat, go behind the black curtain, or into a classroom located in Radiant Kidz. You can pick your area of comfort!


We strive to make Radiant Kids a place where every child can grow and learn about Christ. Whether it’s simply learning to share with friends, singing and dancing to songs, or studying scripture, we look to create a unique, age-appropriate environment where all kids can have fun while learning.


Upon arrival, parents can check in their children at the Radiant Kidz table. Radiant Kidz is located on the right as you enter the building. We worship together in the main room during the first set of songs then there will be a short break between worship and the sermon where you can take your children to Radiant Kidz if you choose.