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Pastoral Statement: Truth

“As we live in a post-truth society, truth is under fire like never before. Determining what is true has become increasingly difficult: from the overwhelming amount of (often conflicting) information we deal with on a daily basis, to the fact that more of life is going virtual causing a further blurring in our perception of what is true; even in the church world there are conflicting voices about what’s true.

As Christ-followers we must be careful to not get pulled into the flow of the world that would use truth in a divisive way, especially when it comes to doctrine, theology, or addressing cultural issues. Jesus used truth to remove barriers, not create them; to reconcile, not divide or alienate.

Truth is more than correct facts or knowledge; it comes in a spirit or attitude that reflects the nature of God and His Kingdom; truth is a Person, Jesus Christ, who communicated and modelled truth in grace, humility and respect.

In matters where ‘what is true’ is difficult to discern, may we commit to ‘speaking the truth in love’(Eph. 4:15), exercising His grace, humility and respect in a way that will bring us closer to Christ and to each other.”