Sexual Integrity

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Pastoral Statement: Sexual Integrity

“The way of Jesus calls us to key distinctives in how we relate to our sexual formation. While Jesus addresses the morality of our thinking and practices around sexuality, He also cares deeply about how our sexuality forms who we are becoming as human beings.

While we believe in God’s creation and design for humanity, creating us male or female, we also believe The Fall has corrupted God’s original intention for human sexuality in all persons; therefore all people—straight or non-straight—experience corruption in their sexuality.

We believe that living in the way of Jesus means embracing His vision of sexual integrity which leads to deeper joy and flourishing in our lives. This practically looks like abstaining from all sexual relationships and activities outside of the historic vision of Christian marriage expressed in whole life covenant union between a man and woman; abstaining from pornography and inappropriate relationships that compromise our witness; and pursuing life-giving holiness by the grace of God.

While we unapologetically align with Jesus’ vision and teaching on sexuality, we are equally committed to becoming the sort of community where those out of alignment with His beliefs and teachings still feel welcome and accepted.

We are committed to seeking to understand and address the deep heart issues related to sexual practice and/or identity, including non-heterosexual practice and/or identity, that have caused many to feel alienated by the Christian Church, doing our best to reach out with love and compassion, and to reject and condemn all forms of hatred, verbal or physical abuse, and victimization.”