Give 300+ Students a Head Start this school year!

Radiant Church is proud to offer free back to school kits to students who are in need within our community!

The start of the 2022 school year is almost here and the price of school supplies are steadily increasing! Families who are already struggling just for basic necessities such as food and gasoline, have to add the extra cost of school supplies to their already strapped budgets!

Radiant Church in partnership with Hope180 is excited to help meet the need! We're offering free school kits filled with quality, basic supplies such as: pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, color pencils, notebooks, folders, loose-leaf paper, snacks, etc. Each kit has a value of $15/kit when purchased individually!

Help Us Make A Difference!

We have an amazing opportunity to increase our impact with a matching grant, up to $4,000! So if you are able to support us financially, your efforts can be doubled!! And given the right support, we hope to increase the number of kits we can offer to the community; to help more students and families! See below how to support us!

We need you to partner with us to increase our impact!

Support us by giving!

To meet our goals, we need like minded individuals to give financially so we can buy the school supplies to distribute!

Give Now!

Support us by packing!

Come join us, Thursday, August 11th to pack the school kits!

Help Pack!

Support our distribution!

Come join us, Saturday, August 13th as we distribute food and the school kits to our community!